Are you unhappy with a room in your home??

                             This package is for you!!

Up to 5 hours of House-Coaching. ONLY $450

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Step 1 – Introduction & Preparation.   

email me at, and tell me all about the room you would like to adopt.  I will email you back and provide you with all the information you’ll need for our first virtual session.

Step 2 – Virtual Session.  

You will show me the room and together we will discuss your needs, discover your limiting thoughts, and uncover the possibilities.

Step 3 – Personal Design Project.

I will prepare hand sketches, a customized lay-out plan, shopping list and a mood board. (3D project can be provided for an additional fee)

Step 4 – Customize with Love

Together we will adapt the project so that it fits your needs, and I’ll provide you with additional tips of how to reuse and recycle at home.

Step 5 – Congratulations  

You have gone through the path of coming back home to yourself...
Enjoy your new room!!!