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Our Designer for a Day service is ideal for those projects that just need a day of design, choosing colors, materials or accessories .  We specifically work in one area of your house. 

We can work virtually or if you are  visiting stores and showrooms.

about kw 1/2


Born in Brazil and American by heart, always love working with people and Design, graduated in 1995 in Interior Design , working for many years for great companies in Brazil and USA. Certified House Coach in 2016, a life changing course that taught me how to help people to come home to themselves.

Mother, wife, woman, that fights and does not give up on reaching my goals.

My goal is to help your house become a home, a place where you can feel renewed, in peace and harmony; mixing comfort with great taste. Shouldn’t your place be the true definition of pleasant and stimulating?


Call us and we will help you reorganize your space, select the best forms, colors and products, that will entice your senses and enhance your space to lead you to an amazing, stimulating and delightful experience.




Tel:  (754) 304-4441


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